Selected scholarship

*Anderson, ER 2018, ‘Belonging, temporality and seasonal labour: Exploring temporary agricultural work in regional Australia’ in S. Werth & C. Brownlow (eds.) Work and identity: Contemporary perspectives on workplace diversity, Palgrave MacMillan, London.

Anderson, ER 2018 ‘Forgotten violence against backpackers in Australia‘, guest blog post for The Familiar Strange.

*Anderson, ER 2018, ‘Monstrous possibilities: Kaiju as beauty and terror‘, guest blog post for The Geek Anthropologist.

Anderson, ER 2018, ‘A feminist analysis of orthodox dogspotting‘, guest blog post for The Familiar Strange

Anderson, ER 2017, ‘An alien at home: Reflections on doing ethnography in a familiar space’, Australian Network of Student Anthropologists monthly newsletter (May).

*Anderson, ER 2015, ‘Regional identity and digital space: Connecting the arts, place, and community engagement’, Queensland Review vol. 22, no. 02, pp. 179-90.


Various working papers

  • Positionality, privilege, and possibility: The ethnographer ‘at home’ as an uncomfortable insider
  • Mapping mundane mobilities in the public sphere: A collaborative methodological approach
  • Working holidaymakers and their pathways: Landscape embodiment and subjectivities of power in peri-urban agricultural space
  • Reciprocal exchange and mediated survival of working holidaymakers in rural Australian enclavic locations
  • Working holidaymakers’ practices of cultural exchange in Australia
  • A theoretical model of an ‘anthropology of kindness’