Published works

Anderson, ER 2018, ‘A feminist analysis of orthodox dogspotting‘, guest blog post for The Familiar Strange

*Anderson, ER 2018, ‘Monstrous possibilities: Kaiju as beauty and terror‘, guest blog post for The Geek Anthropologist.

Anderson, ER 2018 ‘Forgotten violence against backpackers in Australia‘, guest blog post for The Familiar Strange.

*Anderson, ER 2018, ‘Belonging, temporality and seasonal labour: Exploring temporary agricultural work in regional Australia’ in S. Werth & C. Brownlow (eds.) Work and identity: Contemporary perspectives on workplace diversity, Palgrave MacMillan, London.

Anderson, ER 2017 ‘Profile of the month‘, Australian Network of Student Anthropologists (March).

Anderson, ER 2017, ‘An alien at home: Reflections on doing ethnography in a familiar space’, Australian Network of Student Anthropologists monthly newsletter (May).

*Anderson, ER 2015, ‘Regional identity and digital space: Connecting the arts, place, and community engagement’, Queensland Review vol. 22, no. 02, pp. 179-90.


Various working papers

  • Positionality, privilege, and possibility: The ethnographer ‘at home’ as an uncomfortable insider
  • Mapping mundane mobilities in the public sphere: A collaborative methodological approach
  • Working holidaymakers and their pathways: Landscape embodiment and subjectivities of power in peri-urban agricultural space
  • Reciprocal exchange and mediated survival of working holidaymakers in rural Australian enclavic locations
  • Working holidaymakers’ practices of cultural exchange in Australia (to be co-authored)
  • A theoretical model of an ‘anthropology of kindness’ (to be co-authored)