What have I been doing? – an inexhaustive list of moments as a way of keeping stock

I have been teaching.

I have written angst-ridden poetry (it comes to me when I’m driving home, late at night).

I have shaved my head.

I have been coming to terms with my identity.

I have made plans – trips to Oxford, and to Cairns.

I have been marching.

I have found the right words to describe myself.

I have been writing, always writing.

I have experienced my first rejection.

I have gone to a concert, and closed my eyes as if it were a private performance.

I have found my academic peers.

I have woken up early, and sat at my desk drinking coffee with a kitten on my shoulder.

I have been marking essays.

I have started doing yoga, forgotten to do yoga, and then started to do yoga again.

I have learned how to send cold emails.

I have gotten rid of some plants (there are only 40 now).

I have been ruthlessly editing (my writing, my social media presence, my history).

I have shaved my head, two more times.

I have felt powerful.

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